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Real Estate Sign and Post installation services. We even store your signs, so you don't have to.
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More Than Just Another
Sign Post Installation Company

Post Reps is the best source for real estate sign post installation services in the Boise Idaho area. We are built upon a dependable service that provides quality sign installation and storage. The PostReps team is built of dependable, professional, and respectful representatives ready right now to service and install that next sign. You will discover that we cover more areas and thus more properties than any other sign post installation company around!

Yard signs are often the first point of contact buyers have. We offer the clean, prompt, powerful, and professional service that you should expect. It is our goal to always make you look professional. We handle the storage, installation, and removal of signs so that you can take care of your customers and stop having to worry about where to place those signs.

All posts are clean and inspected for quality each time a post is installed. Sometimes we may be able to install signs the same day but we guarantee signs are installed by end of next business day for all standard coverage areas. We also guarantee installs within 2 business days in most outlying areas. Post Reps takes pride in providing the quickest and most dependable response times around.

Why Choose Us

Next Business Day Guarantee

Orders received by 6:00pm will be installed the following business day for our Standard Coverage Area.

Handcrafted Wood Posts

Our posts are custom built wood posts. Unlike a metal or vinyl post, if our posts get scuffed up, we repair and repaint them to look like new.

Extended Outlying Service Areas

For an additional trip fee, we cover even most of the more distant cities and towns in the Treasure Valley.

We Store Your Signs

While you always have the option to keep your own panels, we will gladly store them and attach them for you on each install.

Online Ordering and Tracking

Placing your orders on-line and then tracking them to see when they will be installed has never been easier!

Three Weeks Satisfaction

If you are disappointed with an installation, we will repair it, repaint it, move it, or replace it.

Email and Photo Verification

Email notifications are sent out to all our customers with each order. Photo Verifications are available to share with your clients!

Several Optional Accessories

Post Reps continues to add new accessories that help you market your listings. We offer flier boxes, solar lights, additional clips and more.

Never Purchase a Post Again

With our service, we supply the post. Never worry about where to store the posts again! We always have a supply of posts.

Credit Card or Terms

Most agents will use an on-line credit card processing system but we also can offer terms for qualified agents and offices.

Our Services


Installation of sign posts at one of your listings


Repair an existing sign post from one of your listings


Remove sign post from one of your listings ssdsd

What Our Customers Say


Van S.

Thank you so much for always getting the job done on the day you say you will. Cannot express how much smoother it makes our business run knowing we can count on your team!

Janet M.

Thank you, the sign was placed exactly where it was wanted.

Kathy P.

Thank you. Installed by a very professional Young man.

Marla C.

Fantastic Service! Always dependable. Thank you for all your team does.

Tyler M.

Great service! Very happy with how simple their platform was!

Via S.

Great company! Responsive, honest, helpful.

Peggy J.

5 star +. Timely. Service amazing and caring. Titslly satisfied. Peg

Jodie S.

Thank you so much for you updates and communication! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Penny B.

Thank you for delivering my items!! They placed it in a perfect spot!!

Latest News

Be Sure to Select the Correct Items in Orders...
We have noticed an increasing trend where items, such as posts, signs, and accessories, are NOT being selected properly in the order. We need your help correcting this issue. Often times one item will be selected in the order and then we are finding agent comments requesting something completely different. Other times an item has ONLY been specified in the comments instead of being selected in the order at all. This creates significant issues for our pull lists and inventory tracking. Items not selected and only entered in the comments do NOT get loaded into the vehicles. Certainly we make every attempt to look through the comments and correct the orders accordingly; however this is time consuming and often requests made in the comments can get missed altogether. Please do not be that agent. If an order does NOT have an item selected correctly, regardless of the comments in the order, an installation will get rescheduled or the agent will be responsible for the cost of a repair trip back to the property. Comments are intended for directions, property information, gate codes, tenant information, and other such details. IF an item is NOT available when placing an order, please contact our office BEFORE the order is completed so that we can correct any inventory concerns ahead of time. Please remember, if you want items properly installed, it needs to be ordered properly as well. If it is not selected in the order correctly, it will very likely get missed.